Autism Affects All Parents... Adoptive Parents Too 

We are now approaching our 50th year of living with and being aware of autism and the impact of this developmental disability on families.  Whether that makes us experts in what we do is always open for discussion.  What it has done is show us the lengths to which many parents will go to find appropriate services for their children.  Our goal is to provide parents with a realistic training program at a reasonable cost and a forum to learn about the BeST (Behavior Simulation Training) way to work with their child and recognize the abilities of others who will be working with their child.  Parents are the quality assurance leaders for their children.  Our job is to provide you with the the tools to get that job done. 

What does a page on autism have to do with parenting or being a foster parent?  Through the kindness and love of many of these parents, and particularly foster parents, they have taken children into their homes with significant disabilities.  Time is a non-renewable commodity.  VBF provides a site that is focused on training you.  It is a place where you can "Train for excellence and learn for life."

Every parent needs training


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