Who Should Attend this course? 

Special Needs Educators

“Bringing out the Best in Students” is a two-day seminar for educators

Educators will learn how to apply the power of positive reinforcement.

This 2-day working session introduces H3’s behavioral technology, providing real-time human-behavior tools, skill building sessions, and clear examples of how the BeTr™ has been applied in a variety of settings and situations.

Many educators and classroom aides face the same question, “How do we get our students to give their best efforts in school and other social engagements?” Shaping your students behavior is the single most difficult thing to do when you don't understand behavior. Behavior is what we do; every action, every decision, every change is the result of what we say and do as educators and what our students do as well.

 Understanding behavior at your child’s level is the key to success. No home can produce great kids without human behavior. The subject that parents must be most expert in is how to create a home environment that brings out the best in in their children every day.  For more information and Topics Covered,
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Speech/Language Therapists

Special Needs Classroom Aides