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Assessment of Behavioral Programs

H3 helps you look at your operations using a behavioral lens to identify performance areas for improvement opportunities.

Many group homes and behavioral organizations follow their policies and procedures and people (staff and clients) get lost in the process.  "Lost people" place the organization at risk or at least hold you back from achieving the excellence you are seeking. Education and health services organizations are deeply entrenched in being patient centered or child focused that they miss opportunities for improvement. Looking at your day-to-day routines from a different vantage point can be both revealing and exciting.

Using a science-based, behavioral approach to assessments, we look at the behavioral gaps in policies and practices that get in the way of safety and staff performance. Using our behavior based functional assessments, organizations can analyze important aspects of how they are actually teaching or providing services.

How are your program goals and objectives aligned with your policies and procedures manual?

Are behaviors reinforced or punished in the workplace?  What is your reinforcement to punishment ratio?

Every agency has both formal and information policies.  What is the alignment of your systems, processes, practices, and structures on performance?

How are your policies, leadership style, and corporate culture encouraging or constraining performance

Do you know which employees are doing just enough to get by and those who display extraordinary effort? What departments are being drug down by marginal performers?

Where are your opportunities for consolidating and accelerating initiatives and operational efficiencies?

H3 works with our clients to analyze and assess the effects of behavior at the department, site, and organization level.

All systems, particularly people directed systems, need a check-up once in awhile. 

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