Special Needs Parenting

H3 Consultants offers programs targeting the needs of parents as they learn their child is on the autism spectrum.  Our special needs training programs are designed to introduce and equip parents with some tools that will assist them as they get started on this new and unexpected path.  All of our programs are based on the science of applied behavior and have more than a hundred years of research and development.

Understanding why your child behaves the way he or she does allows you the opportunity to identify, intervene, and replace undesired behavior with desired behaviors.  For more information click here.

Our Approach... You are the Captain of Your Ship... It's time to learn to sail.

Almost 40 years ago we embarked on a journey of learning about what was available and how well would it work. What we discovered was that little was known about autism and less was available for parents to learn.  Over the next ten years we discovered that applied behavioral programs (ABA) offered the most consistent results for improvement but only if the application of ABA was consistent across all environments.  

Whether your child has a significant intellectual disability or just meets criteria for the diagnosis of autism, behavior syndrome is not available to you in the early years.  What is available is your ability to have access to and learn how to harness the power of ABA and develop your skills as a parent therapist.  

Ten or fifteen or twenty years from now you will look back and wonder whether you did everything you could.  If you did not take an applied behavioral approach to therapy you will not get very far.  If the only approach was ABA, you will not get far enough.

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