Create a family support system that delivers results.

This 1-day workshop, currently available for onsite delivery only, incorporates H3’s proven behavioral technology and expertise in designing effective behavior management systems that leads to improving medication adherence and sustains health outcomes. 

Measures aligned to the provider's plan of care and that include frequent, pinpointed feedback and reinforcement, are essential for improving and sustaining patient compliance that translates into positive healthcare results. This one-day session will introduce and show you how to apply proven behavioral principles to create a highly motivating and results-focused system within your family.

What You Will Learn
How to develop and validate compliance measures
A process for aligning patient adherence measures with providers and family objectives
The importance of a compliance matrix in balancing your child's behaviors across the health services team and your family
How to effectively deliver compliance feedback and reinforcement that contributes to a powerful support system
The role of goal setting in the measurement process
How to integrate compliance measures with school and home functions including studying, recreational, leisure, and classroom behaviors.

About the Program
This comprehensive workshop will prepare you to align your child's healthcare behaviors with the family, providers, or school—delivering a solid measurement system based on objective data combined with feedback and reinforcement, resulting in improved adherence behavior. 

Everything is going great with your child.  Then there is the visit to the doctor and you find that there are some chronic healthcare concerns.  Very often children with special needs have more than an intellectual disability.  The diagnosis and plan of care may show a need to modify diets, provide medications, or have too frequent painful procedures.  

If you are a foster parent you may not have medical records and the medical history may be vague.  Having confidence in your skills and understanding of the health services system is essential for ensuring that you have the skills to make appropriate and timely decisions regarding health issues.  The TBM workshop provides parents and foster parents with meaningful assessment and decision making skills.

Getting To Adherence with Your Child's Plan of Care

Therapeutic Behavior Management