A behavioral road map that links home and school to critical behaviors at all levels, allowing for focused change efforts. 

The art and skill of behavior observation, tracking, and calibration in a your home setting.

A process for integrating short, high impact parenting interactions into your daily home lives. 

A positive accountability and shaping process for building and refining your parenting skills.

A 6-step change process to address any child behavior issue.

A problem-solving tool that uncovers the root causes your child’s behavior that keep you up at night.

A broad perspective for applying the science of behavior at home and play environment.


At the completion of this workshop,  direct care providers and educators will have a clear understanding of:

·  The Science of Behavior: An in-depth look at the science of behavior and why you and your children do what you do.  

·  How to Evaluate the Child’s Behavior Objectively: Using actionable behavior descriptions in place of labels.

·  How to Understand and Use the Power of Consequences: You will learn and understand and use the consequences that shape human behavior.

·  How to use positive reinforcement to bring out the best in your children.

·  How to find and use natural reinforcers so that gains are sustained over time.