What You Will Learn

• Why you child does what he/she does 

• The secret to tapping untapped effort

• The 6-step model for change

• How to deliver effective positive and constructive verbal feedback

• Practical, useful tools you can use to address your child's specific and unique challenges

About the Program At the completion of this course, you will have:

• A scientific model for analyzing your child's behavior issues

• Tools to continuously improve behavior

• A reliable reinforcement system for transforming your child's behavior, and

• A systematic process for promoting continuous improved performance

Who Should Attend?

Parents, Foster Parents and People who supervise or have a role in working with special needs children 

This session will give you skills in motivating and managing behavior in yourself and the children you work with.

Program Costs: Registration fees are per participant. All fees include program materials. 

Hotel accommodations are not included, however, H3 has secured a highly competitive rate with a nearby hotel 

This two-day working session is an introduction to the science of behavior and to the way this program can be applied in your relationship with your child to bring out the best in yourself and in others. If you are looking for an effective way to develop and shape the skills of your child or to ensure a new home therapist understands your goals.

Most parents face the same question, “How can I get my child to do their best in learning and completing tasks?” Managing your child's behavior is the single most difficult thing to do when you don't understand behavior. Raising children is about  behavior; every action, every task, every change is the result of what you and your child says and does. Understanding your child's behavior is the key to success. No parent can produce results without human behavior. The subject parents must be most expert in is how to create a home environment that brings out the best in your child every day.

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