A behavioral road map that links home and school to critical behaviors at all levels, allowing for focused change efforts

The art and skill of behavior observation, tracking, and calibration in a realistic home setting

A process for integrating short, high impact parenting interactions into your daily home lives

A positive accountability and shaping process for building and refining your teaching skills 

Topics Covered - Bringing Out the Best


·  The Science of Behavior. You will receive an in-depth look at the science of behavior and why you and your students do what you do.  

· How to evaluate your student’s behavior objectively using actionable behavior descriptions in place of labels.

·  How to use the Power of Consequences: You will learn and understand the four consequences that shape human behavior and how to use them.  

· How to encourage your student’s discretionary effort: Using positive reinforcement to bring out the best in your students.

· How to discover and use reinforcement: How to tap into natural reinforcers so that gains are sustained over time.

Success in teaching children requires the ability to have an ongoing positive influence on them. This workshop provides the skills needed to increase your student’s engagement, capture their extra effort, accelerate classroom harmony and improve morale.  

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At the Conclusion of the Workshop:

You can expect to take away...