Special Needs Educators

Our training programs add to the preparation that you may or may not have to effectively work with these students. Learn the importance of environments on behavior both in the classroom and at home.  You will learn vital behavioral techniques to share with your special needs families to ensure continuity between environments. 


At Risk Parents: 

Unfortunately there are parents who rapidly escalate to behaviors that are dangerous to their children.  Our training programs help these parents better understand their behavior and how to de-escalate before things get out of control

Special Needs Parents

Consistency is extremely important with these children and knowing how to properly implement training programs provides for consistency between school and home. Our training programs provide you with the tools necessary to fill the gaps when your child is at home.

Foster Parents

You have invited a special child into your home.  If they have lived in other foster homes they'll bring a variety of habits that worked for them.  Our behavior based programs are designed to provide you with some reliable tools to bring out the best with these children.


There are millions of books and articles on "how to" work with, raise, understand, partner with, etc. your children.  Our focus is to provide you with simple tools that you can use to better understand why kids say and do the things they do.

Parents, foster parents, parents of special needs children, and professional child care providers in their efforts to build and sustain relationships with their children. We help you develop and implement behavior based skills to win the little battles with your children. We have a track record of successfully training thousands of direct care providers and parents – We are measured by parents satisfied, families sustained, and new families created. We believe success in parenting requires not only love and affection, but also continuous efforts to monitor your behavior, your relationships with growing children, and your relevance to changing and adapting to the stages of development each child goes through. We help our clients with all aspects of these efforts.